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On the north-western coast of Borneo, the Islamic Sultanate of Brunei lies on a slim coastal plain, threaded through by several substantial rivers. Most of the country is lowland dipterocarp rainforest, tropical moist swamps and heath forest along with sandy beaches and mangrove swamps. An oil- and natural gas-rich nation, Brunei’s the envy of its Southeast Asian neighbours due to its prosperity. Bandar Seri Begawan, the capital, is sprinkled with ramshackle stilt villages as well as glamorous monuments erected by Bruneian royalty. The emirate’s tourism industry has never been fully developed but it should definitely be on your tourism itinerary – the area's a beautiful and subtle must-see blend of modernity and tradition.

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Brunei Travel Guide

  • Brunei Attractions

    Brunei Attractions

    Brunei’s not an ultra-modern stronghold nor is it a fundamental Muslim-dominated emirate. Read More»

  • chakoi

    Brunei Restaurant

    The only thing Bruneians love to do more than shop is to eat – most of the nation’s top noshes are, surprisingly, Read More»

  • Brunei Nightlife

    Brunei Nightlife

    A strictly Muslim nation, the nightlife scene in Brunei is stilted – since 1991 the sale and public consumption of Read More»

  • Brunei Shopping

    Brunei Shopping

    Shopping in Brunei is practically a national pastime – Bruneians love to scout the shopping malls searching for the best Read More»

  • Brunei Activities

    Brunei Activities

    Brunei is divided into four districts: Brunei Muara, home to the capital – Bandar Seri Begawan; the sparsely populated Read More»

  • Brunei Information

    Brunei Information

    The tiny Sultanate of Brunei is situated on the north-western coast of Borneo. Read More»

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Brunei Hotels

All Hotels in Brunei

Lying on a slim coastal plain on Borneo Island, Brunei’s landscape is a mixture of forest, swamps and beaches; Read More...

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