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At its peak, Brunei was the most successful empire on the Borneo coast during the 16th century. Yet by the end of the 19th century the country was in jeopardy as European invaders chipped away at its territories and it was left a fraction of its original size. Then in 1903, oil was discovered in the town of Seria – from then on, the 5,765sqkm Brunei rose steadily in the ranks as one of the most uber-rich nations on the globe.

The only thing Bruneians love to do more than shop is to eat – most of the nation’s top noshes are, surprisingly, located beyond the petite city centre. The micro-nation has a range of cuisine that’s somewhat similar to Malaysia’s choice of fare. However be sure to sample some of the nation’s local dishes including chakoi (bite-sized churro) and cendol (a murky coconut beverage with green and brown jelly bits).

Aminah Arif

Located in Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei’s capital, Aminah Arif is the perfect place to sample ambuyat – a sticky ball of flavourless sago starch. One of Brunei’s signature dishes, the gluey substance is immersed into a variety of dips including sour fruit sauce to it its taste.

Opening Hours: Breakfast, lunch & dinner
Location: Unit 2 – 3, Block B. Rahman Building, SPG 88, Kiulap
Tel: +673 223 6198


Ayamku Restaurant

Located on the second floor of the Grand City Hotel in Batu Bersurat, Ayamku Restaurant is one of the cheapest places in the Bandar Seri Begawan area to get a meal. The eatery serves up fried chicken with rice at extremely affordable prices.

Opening Hours: Lunch & dinner
Location: Jalan Permancha


Located within Centrepoint Shopping Centre in Gadong, Fratini’s is said to be Brunei’s first Italian eatery. The food is typical Italian fare – try the array of pastas and pizzas available as they’re incredibly tasty. Service is good and there’s usually a crowd especially during lunchtime and dinner; patrons are a mixture of locals and expats.

Location: No. 1, The Centrepoint Foodcourt, Abdul Razak Complex, Gadong
Tel: +673 223 2555 or +673 223 2892


Said to be Brunei’s best-kept secret, the posh I-Lotus serves up typical Chinese cuisine. Opened in 2003, it’s hard to find this eatery in Bandar Seri Begawan but the fare is well worth the effort; try the stuffed sea cucumber with scallop, prawn and fish fillet, deep-fried stuffed crab shell with sweet potatoes and stir-fried beef with colourful pepper.

Opening Hours: Lunch & dinner
Location: 20, Simpang 12 – 26, Kampung Rimba
Tel: +673 242 2466

Nur Wanita

Serving up northern Thai cuisine, Nur Wanita is a popular lunchtime hotspot for nearby office employees. Try the not-too-spicy tom yum soup, the Thai-style fried kway teow, mango chicken rice, Chiang Mai curry noodles and deep-fried kangkong with meat gravy.

Opening Hours: Lunch & dinner
Location: Unit 10 Block B, Kiarong Complex
Tel: +673 242 6789

Nyonya Restaurant

Located within the Yayasan Complex, Nyonya Restaurant is an air-conditioned eatery that serves up great value Indian, Chinese and Malay dishes; the sea bass is an especially value-for-money option. The pasta selections are tasty but you should also try the steak and soup options. If you’re looking for a late afternoon snack then try the sandwich selections available here.

Opening Hours: Lunch & dinner
Location: Yayasan Complex
Tel: +673 223 1236

Port View Café

Port View Café serves up simple western, Chinese and Malay dishes; the food is tasty and the view of the water’s edge from the split-level eatery is beautiful. Upstairs, the fare is pricier but there’s a wider selection including Thai, Chinese and Japanese cuisine.

Opening Hours: Lunch & dinner
Location: Jalan MacArthur
Tel: +673 223 1467

Taman Selera

Located along Jalan Kumbang Pasang, this outdoor food court offers a wide variety of cuisine including burgers, noodles and seafood. The fare is relatively affordable with some dishes at only B$2; try the traditional Malay curries as well as the ‘smooters’ – a type of ice cream milk shake.

Location: Jalan Kumbang Pasang

Villa Mauri Italian Restaurant & Asian Delight

One of the best places in Bandar Seri Begawan to get Italian cuisine, Villa Mauri has received mostly positive reviews since it opened its doors. Spearheaded by Chef Maurizio Intrigila from Italy, the eatery’s specialities include lamb shank, the chocolate-based Fantasia di Maria and tiramisu.

Opening Hours: 10:00 – 14:00 and 17:00 – 22:00
Location: Spg. 368, Jln. Muara, Kampung Sungai Tilong
Tel: +673 233 5585

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