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Where and What to Eat in Borneo

Just north of the Equator, Borneo is the planet’s third-largest island and enjoys a thoroughly tropical climate. The region’s range of cuisine varies from province to province. In Malaysia’s Sabah and Sarawak you’re likely to find a colourful amalgamation of Malay, Chinese, Indian and European fare – hawker centres abound, kopitiam (coffee shops) are the order of the day and fine dining restaurants are an ever-growing specialty.

Meanwhile, in Brunei’s quadrant of the island you’re sure to come across many dining options beyond the petit city centre. Food offerings in the oil-rich emirate are somewhat similar to Malaysia’s choice of fare but specialties include chakoi (bite-sized churro) and cendol (a murky coconut beverage with green and brown jelly bits). Alternatively, Kalimantan’s Indonesian fare has a distinctly Malay flavour – Banjar food is relatively popular and the belauran (night market) stalls often see healthy crowds.

Borneo Food - What to Eat in Borneo What to Eat in Borneo

Borneo is blessed with a rich variety of traditional food created by its many tribes and indigenous groups. They are able to turn wild plants, herbs and fruits into culinary masterpieces that will tantalise your senses. Read More...

Sabah Dining Sabah Restaurants

Located on Borneo’s north-western flank, Sabah is Malaysia’s east coast capital. The state has 30 ethnicities and among these groups more than 80 dialects are spoken. Read More...

Sarawak Restaurants Sarawak Restaurants

Sarawak – the Land of the Hornbills – is known for its pepper produce, Bario rice, sago and pineapples. Read More...

Kalimantan Restaurants Kalimantan Restaurants

Most expatriates spend their time in the restaurants of large hotels that dish out Western as well as local Indonesian favourites. Read More...

Labuan Restaurant Labuan Restaurant

Choice Restaurant is a good bet for tasty authentic Indian meals – try the roti canai with fish-head curry and sambal. Read More...

chakoi Brunei Restaurant

The only thing Bruneians love to do more than shop is to eat – most of the nation’s top noshes are, surprisingly, located beyond the petite city centre. Read More...


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