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Sabah, at the North Eastern part of Borneo, is rich not only with magical islands, but deep tracts of virgin rainforest. What is believed to be the highest mountain in South East Asia resides in Sabah, the Kinabalu Mountain. In addition, the national parks in Sabah are rich in plants, flowers and wildlife of many different kinds.

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Kinabalu Park

The Kinabalu Park covers a small but ecologically rich area of 754 sq km. Most of the land is covered with large mountains, the highest being Kinabalu Mountain. Here in this park, over 1,200 species of orchids and 40 different oak trees thrive in the montane forests of Kinabalu Park. A cooling mist permeates the atmosphere Read More...

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Danum Valley

The Danum Valley is an important conservation area for wildlife such as the endangered Sumatran rhinoceros, Orang-Utans, gibbons and mouse deer. Some 270 species of birds have recorded here. Visitors will enjoy a myriad of activities such as jungle-trekking, river-swimming, night walks and bird-watching in this pristine rainforest.

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Crocker Range National Park

The Park occupies the mountainous Crocker Range that divides the western plains from the rest of Sabah. A large area consisting almost 140,000 hectares of rainforest, the park is home to a diversity of flora and fauna. You’ll find at least five species including Orang-Utans and the elusive Tarsier, a tiny primate with enormous eyes and gremlin-like hands and feet. The mountains in this area offer visitors a cooling retreat and nature-lovers will absolutely adore this park.

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Kinabatangan Wetlands

The Kinabatangan Wetlands is an important conservation area for a large number of animals. This wetlands sanctuary, centred on the Kinabatangan River, is home to clouded leopards, Asian elephants, civet cats, otters, hornbills, egrets, hawks and many more. This place is also the area with the highest concentration of primates in the whole of Borneo with ten species of monkeys and apes. Of particular note is the Proboscis monkey, a unique monkey with a stump for a nose and found nowhere else in the world but in Borneo. There are also many lakes in the area which are rich in fish and prawns; perfect for fishing.

Tawau Hills Park

The Tawau Hills Park is a lush rainforest that serves as an important water source for Tawau and Semporna. The rugged terrain which has volcanic origins stands in sharp contrast to the surrounding plantations of rubber, palm and cocoa.

An amazing variety of plants are found here; tree ferns, orchids, begonias, and lianas litter the region in a carpet of green and other bright colours. An interesting tree is the ‘Mengaris’ which has a smooth grey trunk that makes it hard for anything to climb it. Hence, bees often plant their hives high up on this tree to deter climbing predators such as sun bears.

Other interesting mammals found in this park include macaques, creamy white leaf monkeys, giant tree squirrels, civet cats and leopard cats. Watch out for Borneo's largest feline - the clouded leopard, a beautiful and extremely rare cat.

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