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Monsoon, Rainy Seasons, Climate

Sarawak, on the other hand, lies at the northwestern side of Borneo, and experiences a similar climate to Sabah, with slightly less rainfall. Much of the weather is the same, only that the drier or wetter months start one or two months later. For example, June until August is when Sarawak has the least rainfall while December to March is when it is most wet.

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  1. Pullman Kuching 3.9/ 5
  2. Grand Margherita Hotel 3.9/ 5
  3. Hilton Kuching 4.3/ 5
  4. Meritz Hotel 3.7/ 5
  5. Ariva Gateway Kuching 3.5/ 5
  6. Imperial Hotel Kuching 4.3/ 5
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